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Make It Happen is a self help project led by HSF youth members. Specifically aimed at the 13-25 age groups. The group is part of an initiative which encourages young people to take the lead in implementing change.

Make It Happen aims to increase its membership by engaging local Somali youth in social and sporting activities.

The key outcome for the project will be that local youth, vulnerable to crime and anti-social behaviour, will positively engage with community facilities as well as contribute to the health and the development of the local neighbourhood.

The group has decided that it wants to set up a centre led by young people for young people to help fast track people like themselves towards Power Wealth and Sporting Success (called the PWS centre).

They would run short workshops with visiting speakers (politicians, entrepreneurs) and go out on visits to see how empowered people function in all these three categories. They need to attract patrons to open doors for them.


Increased meaningful activities and opportunities for the local youth.

  • A reduction in street crime and improved relationships with police.
  • A reduction in fear of crime and better relationships with the local community.
  • As part of HSF empowerment role, we provide administrative support, guidance, advice, funding and oversight. A range of funding is sought from charitable trusts, Brent Council, corporate and individual funders.


Make It Happen will have a number of different areas of activity, all combining to achieve its outcomes.

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