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Feeding Centres

About 3.6 million people in Somalia are at risk of starvation in the country’s worst drought in decades (2011). Families affected by the famine are walking for days to get to feeding center we started, in the areas where we work based on raised prevalence of acute malnutrition among children under five, pregnant and old people for those who cannot survive without assistance . Many children don’t survive the trip. Communities affected by natural disasters require an immediate medical and humanitarian response. HSF responds to these crisis situations by providing food and clean water, preventing or minimizing outbreaks of disease. Sharif Mohamed, Our Head of Operations in Somalia, said: “Families are arriving from other parts of Somalia to Mogadishu now utterly destitute. They have lost their crops and livestock and have no money. They are struggling to survive on just one meal a day – or nothing at all.”

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