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Our mission is helping young Somalis reach their potential through the development of local education . In our Education Programme, we open children minds by helping them to attend school by means of working with local communities. We established links with the communities in different parts of Somalia and their various Schools. So we know firsthand about their difficulties and what HSF can do to help them with the help of our sponsors both in the UK and in other of the world. Today HSF supports Orphans and vulnerable children through work with schools. Paying school fees and funding school based projects ranging from buying books to building toilets and classrooms. We try to assist local communities to build schools and maintain. We believe in giving a hand up not a hand out and work closely with communities on sustainable projects. Some of the projects are one-off requests for or offers of support. Others because of circumstances beyond the school’s or our control mean we have had to step back for the time being.

Currently the charity is involved with funding children’s school fees, providing resources for classrooms and pre-school units and other resources to benefit the children’s education. In Somalia students are required to show up in school uniform, to this end, we make an effort to provide students with uniforms to those who cannot afford at the start of the school year. We have a number of schools who need financial support so they teach and accommodate more children. HSF in Somalia is run by a small group of enthusiastic headed by Sharif Ali Mohamed and have office in Mogadishu, funded locally. (We need more resources so please keep the donations coming!).

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