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Mentoring Programme

The mentoring is a program designed by young people who are trained as mentors, acting as role models to provide unrelenting focus in school and assisting mentees achieve goal. Raising standards of achievement in a supportive environment and seeking to connect education and personal targets. We aspire to assist our young people’s achievement and happiness by providing unique mentoring support that aims to raise aspirations of young people and to help empower their families to reach higher that they may think is possible.

The focus is to get away from the ideas of failure and focus of success.

How does it work?

The program can be one-on-one or group sessions, with weekly hour long sessions. We begin with the young person identifying their goals and setting realistic & achievable targets. The group sessions can cover themes such as; confidence building, Introduction to youth coaching, effective learning, effective questioning, and dealing with parents concerns and organisational skills.

Who are the mentors?

HSF mentors are trained young people who have experience of the UK education system through working in a primary and secondary schools. our mentor’s  primary role is to facilitate reflection and learning in relation to the outcomes indentifies by the mentee to develop skills, knowledge and the confidence needed to apply for improved outcome.