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Vision, Mission and Our Ethos

To provide culturally sensitive peer support services to Somali community in the UK.

To engage, train and develop young people in providing a platform for peer support in the community.

To challenge the barriers, stereotypes and taboos which prevent Somali community from accessing support either in the community or mainstream services so that no community member is forced to endure their problems in silence.

HSF is a members led organisation which aims to put shared interest at the forefront of service delivery and at the centre of decision making at all levels of the organisation.

The cornerstone of our service is to respect the confidentiality of the client and to offer a flexible client centred service, placing primary emphasis on the needs of the community.

We work to promote peer support and provide members with training and skills that will stay with them throughout their lives and have an impact on the wider community and society around them. We also hope to nurture the leadership skills of young generation by putting them in positions of responsibility and decision-making.

The engagement of members at all levels is invaluable to ensuring the organisation remains responsive to the needs of the community we seek to serve. As well as ensuring the organisation is effective in service delivery, young people in the community are encourage to bring fresh perspectives to the organisation, and the will to try innovative ideas.

In all our work we aim to work to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity and employ the highest of tolerance and non-judgement in dealing with all issues faced by our clients.

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