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Help Somalia Foundation (HSF) is a non-profit registered charity founded in 1996 with the aim of addressing the needs of the Somali community in UK.

The ultimate goal of the charity is to promote the well being of Somalis and to make easy the integration of the Somali community in UK society, while maintaining the Somali tradition and culture. Furthermore, Help Somalia Foundation stands to improve the capacity of Somali people in the UK through providing confidential and culturally sensitive services to Somali community in the UK.

HSF encourages young Somalis to develop peer-support networks, access specialist and mainstream support services and care for their social and mental well-being. We aim to raise awareness of the different social problems that affect young Somalis and provide culturally sensitive guidance to young people.

HSF funds its work through grants from various charitable trusts and government departments, independent fundraising and donations from individuals.

We hold Full-Voting membership of the Association who independently assess our policy documents and govern our practice. HSF was also awarded the PQASSO in October 2006.

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