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Brent Community Champions Award 2013

    Muna Amin


Brent Community Champions Award are  organized by Brent Council every year to honor those who make a difference in the community. This was chance for Help Somalia Foundation(HSF) to nominate  and to show appreciation to members of the charity  have contributed their time and effort in the community. This year community champions nominated by Help Somalia Foundation were Muna Amin(pictured above) and Jane Franklin.

Muna Amin has been a volunteer at Help Somalia Foundation for the past 5 years and has been commended for her determination and hard work. Her efforts have resulted in resounding success for the family support project which has reached a large number of parents being able to support their children in education to address under achievement in the community. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that Muna has managed to have such an impact whilst also being a mother of 6 with a busy schedule.

Help Somalia Foundation thanks Muna for all her time and effort.

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